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Enjoy The Pain Of Music 

 Chronic Illness Records has an amazing catalog since its inception in 1980. Punk, Post Wave, Electronic, Experimental, Noise. Chronic Illness Records represents speak not only to a new generation of fans, but tap into the old-school era.  RELEASES: •The Desendants  The Lost Recordings 1978, •The Desendants  Stabbed In The Head, The Lost Years NEW Releases :::::::::::•The Desendants Cold War Ep •Desendants AoM Reissued445 7”•The Desendants Lost Recordings Ep •The Desendants Bootleg •Suckling Infants Network:Pre-Epilepsy Era •Out In The Wilderness •CuBe Plowin the fields (with Noise)•Lost Books Of Eden

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Welcome by Suckling Infants Network-Streaming  Brainwashing & Sounds Of Nature- Streaming  Bottle Tree- Streaming  The Desendants -Lost Recordings 78 lathe cut square limited edition 4 - Ep, Stabbed in the head -The Lost Years 1978-79”,“ Cold Paranoia” 4 - song EP from Stabbed.Upcoming release 

This is one of the newest releases courtesy of Chronic Illness Records, and if you liked this artist’s last work, it’s guaranteed you’ll love this album. Reserve your very own copy ahead of time, and if you want to learn more about the recording process with this incredible artist, feel free to get in touch.

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Misty Slope

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Available streaming:
Welcome by Suckling Infants Network Brainwashing & Sounds Of Nature by Suckling Infants Network, Industry KraPp, IXC 



Experimental Electronic, Post Punk, Hardcore, Pre Wave, Electronic

Bio Suckling Infants Network
Founded by Myk Cole of the “Desendants” in 1980-(current)as a project into electronic music and studio recording “Suckling Infants Network”Joined by John Pichler, the duo have recorded multiple experimental electronic recordings over the years.Including one that’s at the*Smithsonian’s Digital Archive for 9-11 “Screaming For Attention”“CuBe”-A noise CD with no instruments- Played at “Burning Man”
*Big Music For Small Places*Lost Book Of Eden*Mood Disorders *The Crow*Screamin For Attention *CuBe*Plowing The Fields With Noise *Out Of The Wilderness
*Cd available were you stream*Brainwashing & Sounds Of     *Nature *Welcome*Bottle Tree


Stabbed In The Head 


*American Band Genre: Post Punk/Pre Wave/Blues/Electronics/ Experimental


*Myk Cole,  John Pichler, Ron Schlund

*Washington State, in the dark 

raining days of the cold war,

hostages, unemployment and

“ I hate Everything Of The Day In Late 70’s” with Ron Schlund joining In on drums, the group forged their own style of experimental blues with electronics...filled with depression, protest, pain, blues and the punk attitude of "not selling out" into a time when we were a square peg in a round hole as we not a Punk Band. Closer would be Pre Wave Experimental Blues with Electronics Band

Myk and John both being huge blues fans, the combination of Myk's fueled blues hollow moan vocal style and Johns  guitar style and backing vocals blending Ron's steady beats, group vocals and cowboy hat made a powerful mixture of music like none other.

*In 1980, the Desendants recorded and distributed a single on their own DIY label A-O-M records "Unnational Anthem” bw "Facelift". Desendants were; Myk Cole - Lyrics, Vocals, John Pichler - Guitar, Bass, Ron Schlund, Drums. Unnational Anthem had been on unofficial releases such as “Killed By Death 10#”,    “Bloodstains Across American, Amerika First (Punk Rarities 1977-'83)” and unofficial release’s on other rare punk recordings.

(Band Recordings Below)

Inspired by Pre-War Blues, Experimentation, Our band name was misspelled when Myk wrote it down for the first time wrong and we went with the spelling 


*John:  (Born 6-22-53) From Snohomish county Washington. At age 14 , after learning folk songs on a cheap acoustic until acquiring an electric he joined a band and met drummer Ron Schlund.

*”Myk" Michael L. Cole:  (born 8-13-58) From Chino, CA.  Myk has always been interested in experimental sounds and employs any and all useful instruments.  He is a huge collector of Pre-War Blues. Myk is currently a recluse.

  • Recordings

*1979- Father Knows Best (Jim Jones) Warthog Records

*1980-Unnational Anthem/Facelift A-0-M ( Army Of Minds ) Records

*1981-Current:See side group “Suckling Infants Network”

*2019- Lost Recordings 1978 -4 Track EP 7” sq lathe cut, hand numbered, limited edition to 40 

*2020-Stabbed In The Head-The Lost Years 1978-79 ..(16 Tracks this shows the overall sound of the Desendants/liner notes below)

*2020-Upcoming 4 song EP      “Cold War Paranoia “ From Stabbed In The Head 

*2021-Upcoming 4 song EP TBA

*Lost Recordings 1978-79 liner notes:

*This collection of songs were truly lost, unseen out & of mind. When moving, Myk found a couple Of “Desendants” cassette tapes recorded live. On cloudy rainy dark nights in 1978 -79, we recorded parts of what was our play list & some alternative versions ie:Androids, Androids w/pseudo-slide and the saxophone version including a 1979 limited edition Xmas of “Father knows Best” handed to 20 close friends and family on “Warthog Records”

*Myk Cole: Lyrics, Holler Moan pre war vocals, Keyboards, devices, sound effects, distortion, AM/FM Radio,Tape Recorders, guitar treatments,pseudo-slide guitar & effects, blues harp, Sax, Chime, Duct tape.

*John Pichler: Music, Guitar(s), bass, backing vocals, group vocals, flannel sleeve shirt.

*Ron: Drums, percussion, group vocals, Cowboy Hat.

*Dedicated to :

Ron-“Our Drummer” 3-20

Myrl-“Mo Pie”  10-20

*Hush Puppy Recipe 

available Upon request*


Last edit


All Songs written by

 Cole-Pichler HEH 2020

Track List: is

Released: 9/2020 

Desendants ‘ Stabbed In The Head-Lost Years 1978-79’


P.C.P. (Extended Mix)


K.G.B. [Explicit]




Father Knows Best (Jim Jones) [Explicit]


You Like Cock, Baby [Explicit]


Intro/Heart Attack




I'm Recluse


Rejection, Rejection


Pencil Head


Androids (Pseudo Blues)


P.C.P. (Short)


Test Tube Baby


Androids (Saxophone)


We Were Here


You Like Cock, Baby (Extended Mix) [Explicit]

Myk Cole: Lyrics,

Holler Moan pre war vocals,

Keyboards, devices, sound effects, distortion, AM/FM Radio,Tape Recorders, Programming, guitar & effects, blues harp, Saxophone, Chime, Duct tape

John Picthler: Music,

Guitar(s), bass, backing vocals, group vocals, flannel sleeve shirt.


Drums, percussion, group vocals, Cowboy hat.

Stabbed In The Head-

 Lost Years 78-79

8-79 warthog Records

1980 A-O-M Records

2020 Chronic illness Records

Tape transfer and  Edited/Recording-Myk 

John-Artwork, Smokin Rabbit Studios 

Studio Minion- Shadow A. Buzzbone

Liner notes: K Shadow/ Myk

Shout out: Johns son

Distribution: Sugo Music Group

Dedicated to :

Ron our drummer 

Myrl “Mo Pie” Seirveld   

*Hush Puppy Recipe 

  available Upon request*